Our new feature: DIY with R+P

Introducing our new feature: DIY with R+P.  Since Philip and I have gotten married, we’ve discovered that we really enjoy doing lots of DIY projects together.  It allows us to come up with solutions that are great for our unique needs, especially when living in a small space! We have made almost all of our furniture, decorations, and organizational supplies.  We’ll be sharing those projects with you over time through our new feature.  It will also give you a glimpse into our life so you can learn more about who we are.  Maybe you’ll find some helpful tips along the way.

First up, a super simple organizational project for your kitchen or pantry!  I’m sure a lot of you have noticed the current chalkboard paint craze everyone seems to be in. I myself, am a big fan. I’ve seen quite a few projects on pinterest (which is amaazing! You can follow me here!) where you paint a chalkboard square on a mason jar.  You then fill with all your goodies and can easily write and erase the labels at any time you want.  This is a fantastic idea.  I, however, didn’t know if I was quite ready to commit to having these mason jars be appointed to my spice cabinet for all time, so I came up with a good temporary idea.  I painted labels with chalkboard paint and stuck them right on.  Voila! Easy, cute, and not quite so permanent.

You will need:

A can of spray chalkboard paint, mason jars (big or small depending on the needs of each ingredient), and labels.  I purchased my sheet of labels from Staples. You could really choose any shape or size you desire, the 2″ x 2 5/8″ size worked perfectly for me.  Just lay out one sheet of labels at a time in a nice open area and spray!  You want to make sure to get the paper completely coated without totally soaking it because it will get too soggy. Two thinner coats will work better than one really heavy coat.  Give it a good amount of time to dry and then peel and stick.  There’s tons of other great things to use these on as well.  Bins, folders, binders, shelving…the list goes on.

Enjoy chalking it up. I’d love to see pictures of your projects if you try it!

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