Meet Melissa

I’m going to introduce you to Melissa.  She is one of the most amazing girls I’ve ever met.  I asked Melissa to be a senior rep for me this year, and thankfully she agreed! Senior reps are students that are chosen to represent me in their high school.  It is Melissa’s job to spread the word about my work to anyone who is looking for great senior portraits and give them a card that enables them to get a special deal!

Here is a little bit about the spectacular Melissa!

Favorite flower – roses + sunflowers

Instruments played – piano + guitar

She loves – all things creative + artistic

I’ve never seen Melissa look anyway except adorable.  She has a very generous heart and sweet spirit. She has three brothers, same as me! She goes to more concerts than anyone I know.  Melissa is currently salutatorian of her class. She’s not sure what degree she wants to pursue after graduation, but don’t worry Melissa! It took me awhile to figure it out too.

And without further ado, here she is:

Melissa has the most flawless skin!


And out comes some of Melissa’s fun personality!

She had just painted her nails right before she came which I appreciated, because that’s totally something I would do.

I love this quiet moment. It feels so peaceful.

Thank you Melissa for such a great time! I hope you love these as much as I do.

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