How to Make Fall Portraits Beautiful

One of my favorite locations to take portraits at is in a woodsy area in fall.  It doesn’t get much more beautiful than that!  But how can you make the most of your fall portraits?  Should you match your clothing to the fall colors or go more neutral so you don’t compete with the color?  Planning the clothing and color palette for your session ahead of time is half of the challenge in creating a beautiful portrait.

I’m going to give you some tips I have learned from experience. Play up the color; color creates your story.  If you want your portrait to be fun and playful, choose a palette that is bright and bold.  If you want a feeling that is more romantic and sentimental, go with a more subtle palette.  That doesn’t mean you have to go neutral.  Think pastels or colors that have a little more gray tones in them.  One of my favorite places to go for color inspiration is design seeds. (Beware, you could spend hours here!)  Jessica at design seeds creates the most incredible, gorgeous palettes.  You can even search by a certain color or season.


I created a fall style guide for my clients this year and suggested that they choose their clothing based on this color palette I put together.

As far as clothing choices go, fall is a great time to dress in layers.  Jackets, blazers, collared shirts and sweaters, scarves, you get the picture…  When you’re outside in a woodsy area, it is also a great opportunity to use large props or animals.  Benches, dogs, armchairs, horses, vintage bikes, whatever your heart desires!  Keep in mind that it can be cold and breezy this time of year.  I always bring a blanket for my clients so as we’re walking around or getting lighting set, they can keep warm!  Here are some of my favorite fall images I’ve taken.  P.S. Fall is a great backdrop for killer detail shots as well!  Enjoy!

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