Family Through the Seasons: Part 1

One of the things I find the most difficult to do as a photographer is to document and capture my own family. I’m always thinking, “well that’s not a good  enough shot” or “the lighting isn’t perfect”. What I’m left with is very few images of the times spent with our own families. It’s something I need to be constantly working on so I don’t miss out on capturing the memories in my own life.

About a year ago, Melanie, Philip’s sister, had a brilliant idea. She wanted to get a picture of our family somewhere on their property in each of the seasons. We learned that in waiting for that “perfect” spring or summer day when everyone was together, it quickly turned into summer…or fall. And so after a year, we thought enough was enough and we were going to make this happen for real. This winter was a hard time to start. We had practically no snow!  A winter portrait just isn’t the same without snow!  So one night we got about 3 inches and I called everyone and said tomorrow we are taking this picture!  It took a big of juggling but everyone got there and I’m so glad we did.  It melted about one day later and we haven’t had any more since.

So here is the first of our seasons: Winter

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