DIY with R&P: How to make a Snow Globe Christmas Ornament

This is a great way to use all those digital files we have on our computers that don’t actually  make it onto paper often.  They are quick and easy to make, inexpensive, and make a great personalized gift for anyone.  I am making a few for some of my family members and friends this year (shhh…don’t tell.)


empty clear glass ornament (available at craft supply stores)

2×2 inch picture

fake snow flakes (I picked the sparkly ones)



1  Print a 2×2 inch picture to use inside the ornament. (the size of your picture depends on the size of your ornament. My ornament has a diameter of 3 inches.

2  Using a funnel, insert fake snow into the globe.  If the snow gets clogged and stuck, use a toothpick or similar object to push it through the funnel.

3  Roll up your picture small enough to fit through the globe opening and insert it into the globe.

4  Using a toothpick or other long skinny object, flatten out picture as best as you can inside the globe and put the top back on.

5  Use some pretty ribbon to tie a hanger on your ornament.

6  Hang on your tree and enjoy!

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