DIY with R+P: How to create stylish rental friendly lighting

Philip and I have been renters since we got married a little over a year ago.  It has been great for us at this point in our lives, but one of its largest downsides is probably the lack of alterations and changes you can make to the space.  I’ve learned quite a few little tricks that can help make the cold, white space a little more cozy and homey.  The first thing that can really make a huge difference is lighting.  I’ve never talked to anyone who enjoys the aesthetic of standard rental lighting.  Customizing the lighting is something that ended up being much easier than I expected and made a huge impact.

This is our entryway light.  The first thing you see when you come in the door.  I found this tutorial while on a search for ideas and it is absolutely genuis. I love the way it turned out.  The great part about creating your own drum shade is that it gives you unlimited possibilities.  The main color, trim color, number of tiers…it’s all changeable.   I actually forgot how awful the original glass light was until I hung it back up to snap the before and after pictures.

The drum shade I created hangs on these 3 small screws that are part of the original light fixture.  To put it back, all we have to do is take down the shade, replace the glass fixture and screw the screws back in.  And the shade can move with us!

The second space that really needed a lighting pick me up was the dining room.  When we moved in, we inherited these lovely naked bulbs.  Gross.  Not to mention the lighting in the room is really harsh!  This makeover is even easier than the last.  Simply buy a few shades and clip them on.

This look is so stark.

The clip on shades that I bought were from Ikea.  I tried to find the shades on their website to post a link but they were not on their site. I want to say I paid $2-3 each.  If you want super simple, just clip them on and you’re done.  I covered mine with some linen fabric I had on hand to give them a little texture and extra warm glow.  These go a long way to warming up the space.

 Of course, if this was not a rental, I would probably paint the fixture with either a fun color or a wrought iron paint.  Unfortunately, I don’t think our landlords would be fans.

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