We had so much fun hanging out with this awesome couple!  They are so cute together. I was really excited when I learned that they wanted to get some shots by their cottage on the lake, just a few feet from the beautiful spot where Ross asked Kenden to marry him!  I love that they have so much fun with each other and can’t wait for their wedding next year. It’s going to be on an old Christmas Tree Farm. A Christmas Tree Farm! How awesome is that!  We went to check it out and grabbed some gorgeous shots there as well.









I had the opportunity to photograph Katie’s amazing bridal shower.  It took place at the Courthouse Grille in Plymouth, which I had never had the pleasure of visiting before. It was a beautiful venue full of charming details.  The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful and the food was delicious. Not only are they a restaurant, but they do quite a few banquets regularly.  The shower took place in a private room with a seperate bar and kitchen.  I would love to go back and eat in their restaurant in the near future!

I was struck by Katie and how sweet her and her family were.  She was surrounded by such love and excitement.  She received many beautiful gifts and treasures to begin her life with her new husband. It was fun to document this day for her family.  There’s so much excitement around the preparation for a wedding which we oftentimes don’t capture because we’re only thinking of the wedding itself.  They will be able to treasure these memories for years to come.

Also, don’t miss Katie’s killer shoes at the end!

Courthouse Grill

Courthouse Grill










I was looking through old pictures and came across our honeymoon photos that I took with my film twin lens reflex camera. I love the look of these. Film has an artistic quality that is unable to be achieved any other way.  I can almost feel the warmth and the wind…sounds wonderful right about now.  Hope you enjoy them!

This is a great way to use all those digital files we have on our computers that don’t actually  make it onto paper often.  They are quick and easy to make, inexpensive, and make a great personalized gift for anyone.  I am making a few for some of my family members and friends this year (shhh…don’t tell.)


empty clear glass ornament (available at craft supply stores)

2×2 inch picture

fake snow flakes (I picked the sparkly ones)



1  Print a 2×2 inch picture to use inside the ornament. (the size of your picture depends on the size of your ornament. My ornament has a diameter of 3 inches.

2  Using a funnel, insert fake snow into the globe.  If the snow gets clogged and stuck, use a toothpick or similar object to push it through the funnel.

3  Roll up your picture small enough to fit through the globe opening and insert it into the globe.

4  Using a toothpick or other long skinny object, flatten out picture as best as you can inside the globe and put the top back on.

5  Use some pretty ribbon to tie a hanger on your ornament.

6  Hang on your tree and enjoy!

This is one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve had the privilege of photographing to date.  Emily is Philip’s cousin and we were very honored to be asked to photograph her amazing day!  It was a bit of a chilly fall day, but absolutely beautiful.  That’s the great thing about photography, you get to see all the beautiful parts without feeling the stress, cold, or hot all over again.  The saturated fall colors were at their peak. Hot apple cider, caramel apples, and delicious amish pies were a perfect way to celebrate their autumn day.  The vintage style and flawless details were, without a doubt, stunning.  The bride and groom were very calm and laid back as they simply enjoyed their day together.  They were a joy to hang out with as we captured every gorgeous detail.

This wedding would make an amazing mini album.  If you are family or friends or Victor and Emily and would like to have a mini album of their amazing day, just let me know by clicking on the ‘contact’ link at the top of the page and I can give you details!