A Special Project: Sunflowers

I love spending time with my mom.  I love the time we spend just relaxing on her bed watching cooking and wedding shows.  I love those special days when we’re out and about and we stop to have lunch together and just talk.  I love the wise advise she has to give me from her own years of experience.

But if there was one day that I could not imagine being without her, it would be my wedding day.

My brother David was just married two days ago! He married a wonderful, tenderhearted girl by the name of Jessica who is now my sister. I never had a sister before, so this is exciting!

When Jessica was young, she lost her mother. So naturally, Jessica wanted to have something present the day of the wedding to remind her of her mom.  I was beyond honored when Jessica approached me with a special request.  Her mother’s favorite flower was the sunflower.  Jessica asked if I would be willing to photograph some sunflowers along with hers and David’s rings to print and hang at the front of the church the day of their ceremony.  I would not dream of turning that opportunity down!

These images are the result of Jessica’s request.  Jessica, I hope that they brought some extra happiness to your day and thank you for the opportunity to be involved in such an extraordinary way on your big day!


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