My Favorite Blanket & Jasmine Star

I could not have gotten a better education than what I received at Hallmark. I learned so many things that were invaluable.  One thing they really stressed though was that in a world that is constantly changing, it is imperative that we continue to educate ourselves.  Technology changes every day and it’s almost a full time job just to keep up with it.  One of the main goals that Philip and I have for the business is that we will always provide the absolute best quality to our clients because we know that is what they deserve!

creativeLIVE is an amazing site that offers creative inspiration and education through live web courses.  Recently, Jasmine Star, one of the top wedding photographers in the country, teamed up with creativeLIVE and together they did a 5 day workshop that included watching Jasmine shoot a wedding live! Philip and I have been watching the workshop to expand our knowledge and get another photographer’s angle on things.

Just the other day we were watching a segment on gear and equipment and I was cuddled up in my favorite blanket, a huge, insanely soft, zebra striped blanket.  For those of you who have even spent a little time with me, I’m sure you know that I am always cold! Suddenly Philip looked over and with a laugh said, “hey, it’s Jasmine.” Sure enough, the tag on the blanket said “Jasmine”.  Weird.

For anyone who might be interested, Jasmine’s workshop is available for download here.  We’ve learned quite a bit from it and highly recommend it!

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